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Mindray DPM6 Patient Monitor

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Several used DPM6 Patient Monitors, each equipped with a broad array of patient monitoring capabilities suitable for mid and high acuity departments, are available. Incorporating a 12.1" touchscreen display, these monitors are designed to meet the stringent demands of both ICU and OR settings. All units are in good condition and maintain functionality to ensure reliable performance in critical medical environments. Key Features and Benefits: * 12.1" High-Resolution Touchscreen: Provides a clear and responsive interface for swift navigation and operation. * Streamlined Touchscreen Interface: Enables quick access to monitor functions, ensuring efficient operation. * 48-Hour Full Disclosure Waveform Review: Offers extensive review capabilities for comprehensive waveform analysis. * NIBP Recall for 1,000 Measurements: Facilitates easy access to a large pool of recent blood pressure measurements. * Alarm Event Review: Stores up to 100 physiological/arrhythmia alarm episodes for thorough analysis. * Connectivity Options: Links seamlessly to the DPM CS central station or Panorama® Patient Monitoring Network, enhancing data sharing and accessibility. * Integration with Nurse Call Systems: Allows direct interfacing with nurse call systems for streamlined communication. * Expandable Functionality: Equipped with 5 built-in module slots and an 8-slot external module rack for added versatility and customization. * Base Tests: Includes 3/5-lead ECG, non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2, pulse rate, respiration, dual-channel invasive blood pressure, and dual-channel temperature capabilities.
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Mindray DPM6 Patient Monitor

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