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Discover a cost-effective bundle featuring a variety of miscellaneous surgical instruments, all available in fair condition. Sourced from a reputable facility in Texas, these instruments provide versatility and utility at an excellent price point. While they may show signs of wear, each piece remains fully functional and ready to assist effectively in a range of procedures. If you're interested in specific items from the bundle, feel free to submit an offer along with your preferences in the comments. For a breakdown of the included instruments, refer to the table below. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your surgical toolkit with practical and budget-friendly options that offer significant value. Included Instruments:
Instrument TypeManufacturerCatalog # Quantity
Alligator GrasperAcufex110211
Alligator GrasperAcufexL8991
BeckmanAdson Retractors LargeCodman50-116532
Blakesley Wilde Frhino ForcepsKarl Storz456501B1
Duckling GrasperAcufexL19991
Gelpi RetractorsAesculapBV999R2
Gelpi RetractorsCodman50-12123
Gelpi RetractorsV MuellerGL5001
Gelpi RetractorsV MuellerNL58309
Kerrison upAesculapFK926R1
Kerrison upBoss70-03801
Kerrison up, LumbarCentinel Spine248-13001
Mini Aggressor Forceps 30 dgLinvatec31.121331
Pituitary downCodman53-11541
Pituitary downCodman53-11641
Pituitary downCodman53-11679
Pituitary downUnknownmisc1
Pituitary strAesculapFF563R1
Pituitary strBoss70-12861
Pituitary strCodman53-11621
Pituitary strCodman58-11652
Pituitary strNovoSurgical5721-032
Pituitary strR23-06871
Pituitary strR27-01551
Pituitary strSymmetry53-12251
Pituitary UpCodman53-1160 
Pituitary UpCodman53-11662
Pituitary UpCodman53-12411
Pituitary UpCodman  
Pituitary UpCodman  
Pituitary UpJarit280-5051
Pituitary UpJarit280-5111
Pituitary UpJarit280-5123
Pituitary UpR23-06691
Pituitary UpUnknownmisc10
Pituitary UpV MuellerXH082
Pituitary Up 50-11632
Scissor PunchAcufexL10991
Upbiter MeniscalAcufexL7991
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