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Stryker Crossfire 2 Arthroscopy System

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These 2 used Stryker Crossfire 2 Arthroscopy Systems bundles are your cost-effective solution for reliable arthroscopy equipment. Each bundle includes all the essentials required for confident arthroscopic procedures. 1. Stryker Crossfire 2 Arthroscopic Shaver System: The Crossfire 2 shaver systems are renowned for their precision and efficiency in tissue removal during arthroscopic surgeries. 2. Stryker Crossflow Integrated Arthroscopy Pump: The Crossflow pumps ensure consistent irrigation fluid flow, maintaining clear visualization for successful procedures. 3. Foot Pedal: This foot pedal simplifies system control, enabling surgeons to adjust shaver speed and pump flow effortlessly. Note: The rolling cart is not included unless both systems are purchased, and will require freight shipping or local pickup.


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Stryker Crossfire 2 Arthroscopy System

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