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This Allen Advanced Spine Table Standard Package, in good condition, offers precision and versatility for spine surgeries. The package includes the table and necessary accessories, all well-maintained and functioning properly. Key Features: Versatile and precise for spine surgeries Durable construction for stability Adjustable positions for patient comfort and surgeon accessibility Condition: In good condition with minimal wear and tear, thoroughly inspected for optimal performance. Items Included: Advanced Spine Table Frame A-71100 (US) Accessories and attachments included: - Arm boards - Prone View Head Positioner - Mizuho OSI Hip/Thigh Pad set (Part #5939) - Mizuho OSI Chest pad and plate - Adjustable Leg sling This used Allen Advanced Table is a reliable choice for medical professionals or healthcare facilities seeking quality equipment at an affordable price. Browse through the images for a detailed view. Contact us for further information.
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